Thank you for visiting the 39th NG Festival!

The NG Festival 2018 was held on September 9! 

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Message from the student council president

   Hello everyone. I am Marika Ida, the 43rd student council president of Nara Gakuen Junior High School / Senior High School. Thank you very much for visiting the website of the 39th Nara Gakuen Junior High School / Senior High School Cultural Festival (NG Festival), This year our theme is "Voice".

   A lot of events are held throughout the year at our school, and among them, this NG Festival is a very important event for us. "We'd like to showcase our best works and performances on the day of the cultural festival." With this kind of energy in mind, we decided what we would do ourselves, and during summer vacation I went to school every day to prepare for the school festival.

   Of course, during the activities towards the cultural festival, there were also cases where we quarreled because of clashes of opinions. There were situations that we could not deal with, and we accepted help from our teachers many times.

   Still we were able to successfully hold the 39th NG Festival "Voice", thanks to all the students who worked hard together, the teachers who helped us a lot, and everyone who came today.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you. Thank you very much.

   Well then, everyone, please enjoy "Heisei Last NG Festival" that we have enthusiastically prepared for you!

September 9, 2018

The 43rd student council president, Marika Ida

"There is no man living who isn't capable of doing more than he thinks he can do.

Message from the cultural festival committee chairperson

 Hello everyone. I am Yudai Azuma, the chairperson of the 39th cultural festival executive committee of Nara Gakuen. The NG Festival is celebrating its 39th anniversary this year and it has gradually become an event that feels historic.

   In our school, the cultural festival is mainly driven by the students. The festival executive committee is organized to prepare the cultural festival for the students by the students, but the way was not easy at all.We wondered "How we can make a good cultural festival?", and we hit a wall many times.

   However, we overcome that wall, and we created the best cultural festival possible! Each member of the executive committee worked hard to complete each role and together created the "39th cultural festival". From our "Voice" a harmony was born and it echoes beautifully. 

    So, the 39th Nara Gakuen Cultural Festival's theme is "Voice"!  We express our "voice" everywhere in this vast school. Please listen closely.  Well then, please take your time. I hope this day will be one of the best memories for all of you!

September 9, 2018

The 39th chairman of cultural festival executive committee, Yudai Azuma

"Laugh,and the world laughs with you."


  There is no parking lot around the venue. Please refrain from coming by car.

  We will operate free shuttle buses from 3 stations around the venue. Please use by all means.

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  Cash can not be used except for the dining room(located on the 1st floor of NG Plaza).  Please exchange your cash for tickets at ticket offices set up in two locations around the venue, to be used for purchasing food, drinks, and other goods.

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